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Servo Operated P3R Peripheral Hot Stamp And Heat Transfer Machine

Easy to use operator interface allows precise and repeatable control over all aspects of the machine cycle which are critical for fine printing.

Crossfeed speeds and movements measured in Inches per minute. Variable timers and delays in milliseconds.

Fully adjustable foil guide bars make foil tracking and control easy.

Rugged frame and full adjustable head for fast, sure setups.

Eye Level control panel for all machine functions.

Fully Enclosed electronics within the machine frame.

Inputs and outputs optically isolated from main controller.

Fused main power disconnect.
Ball bushings and hardened shafts used on all linear motions.

Available tooling includes roller support sets, mandrills and registration hardware.

The PR3 with Mandrill Support
The PR3 with Roller Support
The PR3 for Pressure Sensitive Labels
Sensabot Technology compatible.

The P3R Roll-on Hot Stamping and Heat Transfer machine is a general purpose peripheral decorating machine which can print cylindrical shapes as large as 5 inch diameter and as small as .25 inch diameter. This machine is ideal for hot stamping or applying heat transfer labels to mugs, cups, jars, bottles, mascaras, vials, lipstick shells, bottle closures, knobs, handles, toys, games , pens, pencils and other cylindrical objects. The standard machine is equipped with an adjustable ramp load system . The operator only needs to keep the load magazine full while the production pace is set by the machine. At the end of each print cycle the completed part is automatically ejected from the machine for downstream packing or other operations. The machine operates by elevating the work platform to the die head and then rolling the part across the die face while driven by a smooth and precise servo motor and leadscrew combination. At the end of the print stroke the work platform lowers, the part is ejected and the carriage rapidly returns to pick up the next piece. The operation of the machine is centered around a programmable motion controller which controls all the machine functions as well as the servo drive motors.

A revolutionary and unique feature of the P3R is the optional inclusion of the Permadur Industries Sensabot Technology. In this mode of operation, the machine operates to a predefined pressure rather than distance. The pressure is entered through the operator interface and can range from 1 lb to 100 lbs. This feature totally eliminates the traditional dependence on uniform parts thickness for high quality hot stamping results. This feature is accomplished by monitoring the servo loops with high-speed digital signal processors and constantly controlling the current while monitoring the reflected force applied to the lead screw by the part being printed.

Since the advent of ISO 9000, companies have been more conscious of process quantification and recording. The P3R allows exact record keeping of all process parameters. Crossfeed speeds, times, and print parameters are entered and can be read back in units of inches per minute, milliseconds, and pounds of force. Interfaces are available for most factory floor data logging and communication systems, as well as most popular networks.


Print Length 15 inches
Print width 6, 9, or 12 inches
Max cycle rate 3600 parts/hr
Approximate dimensions 72 x 72 x 48 inches
Electrical requirements 208 vac, 3ph, 10 amp
Shipping weight 800 LB

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