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Electronic Servo Driven Heat Transfer and Hot Stamping Equipment

Our hot stamping and heat transfer labeling machines are designed and constructed in our facilities by experienced engineers, technicians and machinists. All designs have been use tested and are satisfying machinery customers all over the world!
With the advent of IS0 9000, companies have been more conscious of process quantification and recording. Permadur's machines are driven by a closed loop, ac-brushless servo-driven system which gives consistent velocity, precision accuracy and repeatability in decoration. The machines allow exact record keeping of all process parameters. Upstroke speeds, dwell times, and print parameters are entered and can be read back in units of inches per minute, milliseconds, and pounds of force.

Below are descriptions of our standard machines. We have listed the name of the machine, the size part the machine can print, the shape part the machine can print, some examples of parts it can print, and what decorating processes can be used on the machine.
Maximum Part
Part Shape

Examples of
Process Used
.25" to 5.0" in diameter
Round up to 360 degrees
Cups, jars, pens, bottles, closures, vials, lipsticks
Hot stamping, pressure sensitive, and heat transfer
Non-round fitting into cylinder 5" x 8"
Non-round up to 360 degrees and rounds
Ovals, squares, multifaceted closures, angular
Hot stamping, Pressures sensitive, and heat transfer
9" x 12"
Flat three dimensional objects
Toothbrushes, flying discs, paddles, soap dishes, battery cases
Heat transfer and hot stamp dipping
PI 1200
16" x 16" platen area
Flat, curved, round
Virtually any vertical printing requirement
Hot stamping and Heat transfer
.25" to 2" diameter, 2" to 8" in length
Tubes holding up to 360 degree registration
Extruded tubes
Hot Stamping and Heat transfer
6" to 24" diameter
Cylindrical parts with up to a 30 degree taper
Flower pots, wastebaskets, buckets
Heat transfer and continuous foil banding
30R5-ST 9" x 36" Long, flat parts Refrigerator door modules, athletic sticks (hockey) Hot stamping and heat transfer

We also design custom equipment for your particular heat transfer, and pressure sensitive needs. Our machines are built in-house by experienced engineers ensuring quick turnaround times. Our engineers can help to integrate a turnkey decorating system suited to your specific application.

We will set up and test your machine before shipment. We also encourage you to come to our plant for a few hours of comprehensive hands-on training by our experienced technicians on the machine functions before it is shipped to your plant.

In order for us to supply you with an accurate quotation, we will need to know the following information when you e-mail, or call:

1. A print of the part or the actual part to be stamped or heat transfer labeled.
2. The area to be stamped or heat transfer labeled.
3. The part substrate.
4. Application speed desired.
5. Will the part be hot or cold when decorated?
6. Estimated annual usage.

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